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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum promotes interaction, intentional teaching, small group learning, individualized instruction, conversations, play and positive home-school.  

Cynthia D.

I believe all curriculums can work if you stay abreast, make and implement the constant changes in early care as soon as possible.  In my classroom, I’m the onlooker helping and guiding children when needed.  Further, I continue to promote children’s knowledge through experiences, art, interactions, singing, reading and writing expressions.  Lastly, if we all are vigilant in our advocacy efforts for the whole child in which include nurturing diverse family systems, cultures and communities we will produce a wide range of quality educated lifelong learners. 


With all that in mind, our curriculum, It’s All About Me, My Needs and What I See creates a caring, culturally and developmentally sensitive environment full of emotional, social and intellectual support for children. 

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